Thursday, January 1, 2009

Update on Baby Boy Chavarria

Baby Boy Chavarria is doing very well. He is measuring about two weeks bigger then me(he is gonna be a big boy). So we will continue to watch is size and growth, with another ultrasound in about 14weeks(37weeks). If at that time he is close to or over 7lbs then we will schedule an induction at that time. So its looking like the little man will arrive the last week of April. My placenta has moved completley away from my cervix. So from here on out nothing major to worry about for us. We will keep you posted on the little mans' progress.
(we are keeping his name a secret!)

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Stacy, Tony, Anna and Avary said...

So glad to hear that your placenta has moved to a better location! Can't wait to see you and your belly! Hope all is well in the Chavarria house!