Wednesday, January 7, 2009

15 Months Old

Leigha had her 15month check up today. She is now 29 1/2 inches long and weighs 21lbs and 8oz. She in right in the middle of the charts for her weight and height,and her doctor says she is doing really well.
Leigha is now starting to use a fork when she eats. It is really funny to watch her, because when she gets frusterated with the fork, she picks the food up and sticks it on the fork, then puts it in her mouth.
We are starting to give Leigha some options like showing her two pair of shoes and letting her pick which one she would like to wear or showing her two snacks and letting her decide which one she would like to eat at that time, for the most part she does pretty well with that.
Leigha is becoming very polite she says please and thank you all the time-its so cute!
We just can't believe how time has flown and how fast she is growing.

Her next milestone to get ride of the bedtime bottle and the pacifier!!! (so wish me luck!!)

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