Thursday, January 1, 2009


Christmas this year was alot of fun for Mitch and I(Leigha and Gunner had fun too).
It was neat opening presents with Leigha and seeing her excitment through the season
as the decorations went up and the presents got wrapped. We had a great Christmas and so did Leigha. We look forward to next Chrismas when we have both our kids,and Gunner with us opening presents. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Gunner tearing into his present! He
had a blast tearing off the paper.

Leigha with her new baby she got from santa.
Leigha got new Pooh slippers in her stocking.
And now they are her favorite pair of shoes to
wear. I'm sure she would wear them to bed if we would let her.
Leigha with her new cell phone and blocks.
The phone is neat-its made my parents, you can
record your own message and when the phone is opened when it rings
that is what the kids hear. Leigha loves hers, she talks back into it when is rings.
Rocking her new baby!
Tearing open the first present of the morning!

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