Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're best friends

Leigha and Gunner
Leigha and Gunner are pretty much in-seperable these days.
They are together most of the time, where ever Leigha is Gunner is
right there next to her. Leigha now feeds Gunner his food at dinner time, and
loves to give him "cookies" out of his cookie jar. They also love to play fetch together with Gunners stuffed animals.  It's so funny how
kids and dogs have their own language and relationship. Gunner is great
with Leigha and very protective of her.  He lets Leigha hit him,crawl on him, "surf"(stand) on him, she runs and body slams him, and he just lays there like a big old pillow she is suppose to do that to him. And when he is outside and we are ready for him to come in, Leigha stand at the patio door and calls him and bangs on the window to let him know its time to come in. We love their relationship, and can't wait to see how i will be as they grow up together.

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