Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's been awhile

So we have been busy now that the weather is nice.
The kids are growing like weeds and Leigha's first
year of preschool is almost over.

My little conductor:)
Day dreaming

My niece Emilee, loved her first trip to the park.
She is so cute! I could eat her up!
1st time down the slide was a success.

The train crashed:)

Max loves his oldest cousin Breyton! They should
be attached at the hip.
When the battery dies improvise:)

Playing in the water in March, who would have thought?
And so they had to have swim suits on, they were asking
to set the pool out as well.
An earthworm, hours of entertainment

Big man climbing up the attic latter with daddy.
Sidewalk chalk paint
It was so fun, the kids loved it.
He's such a cute guy!
So far our spring had been great!
Hope everyone else is enjoying the spring:)

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T and M said...

Your kids are so big! glad everyone is well ( :