Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Years Ago Tomorrow...

When The World Stopped Turning?

Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of the
attacks on our country. Like many millions of Americans
I will never forget where I was when I heard the news and
how I felt when I first saw the images on the t.v.
As I searched for pictures for this blog post, the memories
and feelings of how I felt that day, came back like it was just

10 years ago on 9/11 I was working,watering plants at Saxton's Nursery

in New Haven. And not long after I had started my day of work,
another employee paged everyone to come inside.
And there is where we saw some of the same images below for
the first time. And all I could think was
"oh my, how could this happen, how did this happen?"
I was in complete shock, I had lived through other terrible things
(The Golf War,friend who died to young, a cancer diagnosis for my grandfather)
but this was like no other. This was horrific,tragic,unreal to me. How could
someone do something so selfless? How could
our country be hated so much?
And then I remember being so thankful I new where all of my family

was on that day. So thankful that all my family and friends were safe.
I had one dear friend who was suppose to fly that day to
see her boyfriend in Atlanta Georgia. But so thankful she
was safe and unharmed.(you can check out her story at:

And later in the day as we all watched the news on
the t.v and heard it on the radio,heard of gas prices
raising,people dying,and wondering what was next...
I was wondering/questioning...
If my brothers would get called into service,if people would
have enough blood,food,water,if the hospitals could
care for such a tragedy, if my family members who were
in the military would get called over seas. So many questions
were running through my mind.

And at that time all I could do was pray. Pray
for hope,healing,guidance,calmness, pray
for the people looking for loved ones,pray
for our country that we could get through this,
pray for the unknown. And the unknown at that
time was so scary for us all.

And to every service men and women in the world.
Thank you for what you do!
firefighters 911 9 Ten years later: firefighters during 9 11 (26 Photos)
Today our country is better and stronger because
of the tragedy we had to face.
And tomorrow in your busy lives take a
minute to remember those who lost
their lives on that day for our country.
And I like many other Americans am so
thankful to call this country home.

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