Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Growing Like a Weed

This week the kids both had their routin
well child check up's and both are doing great.
Dr. Amy is loving how much Max has grown, and she chuckles at
the size of his head(20 inches) because Leigha
has the same size head!!!

We thought at this point Max may out weigh Leigha
but Leigha is still heavier by 4 lbls.

Both kids are growing like weeds and doing new things all the time.
At 3 years old Leigha is doing the following:
%100 potty trained
Can count to 12
knows all colors
knows all abcs and can recite them
Leigha is wearing size 3t cloths and size 8 shoes.
Leigha loves playing dress up and being the "mom"
Leigha is preparing for preschool next school year
Her favorite tv show is Dora and Giada at Home(food network)
Leigha can read a book from memory,
actually almost every book we own!!

At 18 months Max is doing the following:
Naps 1 time a day for 2-3 hours
Sleeps 12+ hours at night(normally)
Loves anything with trains
Loves his baby doll and like
to rock and sing to her.
Thinks it is sooo fun to pull hair and beat
Leigha up, poor girl!!
He eats with a fork and spoon
and eats most foods, veggies are still an issue.
He can say the following words:
truck,bath,teeth,and hair.
He can point and knows where is body parts are
He loves to color and watch elmo!!

The kids stats;Check Spelling
Leigha is 31lbs
head is 20inches
and she is 36 inches tall

Max is 25 lbs 6oz
Head is 20 inches
and he is 32 1/2 inches tall(cathing up to Leigha.)

Love daddys' hat!
Future comedian!
Always the life of the party!!

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T and M said...

am a little jealous of Leigha being 100% potty trained, i'll admit ( : I can't believe she likes Giada! too funny!