Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Leigha is 3

Well it is so very hard for us to believe but
Leigha Ann Chavarria is 3 years old.
It seems to me like she was just
born yesterday.
At 3 Leigha is doing sooo well.
She can count to 10, she knows all of the colors in the
rainbow. She loves to play dress up and her babies are
her most favorite toy(well after max and gunner!).
She loves to read to Max,mommy and daddy.
She knows her books word for word, she memorizes
things very quickly.
For her birthday Leigha got a bike with training wheels
and she does wonderful on it.
Leigha is now %100 potty trained.
She got her ears pierced when we were down
visiting the Gress's the last time.
She loves that she is a "big girl" now and
has earrings like mommy.

Leigha is a wonderful,sweet,loving little girl and
we are so blessed to have her in our lives.
(pics coming soon)


T and M said...

just found out you have a blog ( : I'll look forward to following it.

Congrats on the 100% potty trained part. I'll confess a twinge of jealousy. In time, I guess (um, and I'm referring to Tait, of course ( :

chavarria family blog said...

Hey mandy! just go this! i will be following your blog as well!
P.s is that baby a boy or a girl?? :):):)