Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Max's is 1!

So its hard to believe that Max is now 13months old! I can't
believe how fast this past year has gone. He is a wonderful
little boy and has brought such joy to our family.
Max is eating all table food, and has a favorite food-strawberries.
He loves them to the point that he sees the container and he
pants like a dog and gets so excited, its hilarious!
He eats in a booster seat at the table and uses a fork
and spoon very well. He prefers his fork over his hands most days.
He sleeps 10-12 hours through the night and is down to 1 2-3hour long
nap per day. He is walking and crawling about 50/50.
He is learning to color and loves to sit and read books.
Max had his 1 year appointment a few weeks ago, and here
are his stats.
22 pounds and 34 inches tall.
He is in the 50 percentile for both his height and weight.

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