Friday, May 7, 2010

New Pictures!!!

So its been awhile since I have blogged anything!!
Its been a busy spring for us. We have had alot
of fun and exciting things going on.

Too cute!
He loves pushing his big truck
out in the grass, he even makes truck noises!
Leigha was pretending she was Dr. Amy
while we were at the doc's office.
Max and Gunner rolling in the grass.
Riding his 4 wheeler he got for his birthday.
Hi mom look at me!!
Leigha being cheezy showing off the bow
mommy made her.
Easter egg hunting.

Playing with mommy's mixing bowl
Playing in the play house
Smashed raspberries-so much fun!
Leigha "needed" to wear my pjs.
Look I got a whole cookie and you can't have it!

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