Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Hampshire Part 2

Oh vacation it seems as if you were so long ago...

     We went to Hampton Beach while there! It was wonderful, the kids LOVED the ocean and the beach. 
      Leigha and cousin Haylie did everything they could to be in the water %100 of the time:)

         A little time out in the sand!

         Waiting on dinner.

      We took a cruise over the The Isle Of Sholes. It was a neat day, lots of history and a perfect day on the water. 

     And the kids got to drive the ship

        So that was a total bonus.

       He needed a picture with mommy on the rock

  And when we weren't sight seeing,eating,sleeping or shopping we were here:) 

        Leigha not only got much better at her swimming, but she became %100 fearless in the water
The girl will jump off anything and swim for miles!!

        Max preferred to wade on the beach and play in shallow waters. 

        Hard to believe that we're on vacation in July and Christmas is next week!!!!

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