Saturday, August 10, 2013

We're Back!

          So, it's been a long time!!!!! Life has been crazy busy but good for all of us. Work is great for Mitch and I. The kids are growing like weeds and I feel like each day they are 10 years older then the day before:). 
           Life has handed lots of good times and some bad since our last post. We had a great winter and Christmas, Leigha graduated preschool and Max finished his first year of preschool. Leigha has learned to ride with no training wheels and how to swim. Max got a new(bigger bike) has stopped sleeping with a bed rail and has become quit the little old man. We went on our first family vacation this July and August as a family of 4. We went to the east coast and stayed with and visited family. It was a great trip!!  Mitch and I both lost a grandparent in July. It was a rough month for our families that's for sure:( 

         Now we are gearing up for Leigha's first day of kindergarten this Tuesday! She is so excited, I think mostly because she gets to ride the bus.  I will catch you all up with photos soon. 
But here is a few of the cuties!!


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