Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grandpa Nierman

On April 23,2012 we lost Mitch's
Grandpa Nierman. He was 91
years old. It was bitter sweet for us all because
we all know that he is happy and pain free and not
suffering but we also lost a wonderful man.
Our last meal with "greater papa"as the kids call him.
The Saturday April 21st we celebrated Grandma
and Grandpa's Anniversary. 
The Pall Bearers at the cemetery
Mitch,his brother Jason,Cousin Chris
Uncle Rudy and Greg and his dad were so
honored to carry Grandpa to his final resting place.

Pulling a flower that we will all treasure.

Jason,dad and Mitch
Leigha and Sarah

Thank your Greater papa for loving us all and
for teaching us all so much about life.
We will forever love and miss you.

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