Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Splash Pad, The Lake and The Swimming Pool

Me and my sister in law Jessica took the kids to Kreger Park
in Fort Wayne a couple weeks ago, and it was great!
They have a new "boundless" play ground and a splash pad,
and I would have to say all the kids had a great time!
Leigha standing in the "rain" as she called it.
Hi Mommy! I am a great driver!
Miss Emilee.... She is 5 months now and getting so big!
She was yelling something at Aunt Jessie.
Breyton had so much fun! I can't
believe that he is going to be 7 at the end of the month!
I remember when he was 2:(

Such a cute smile!
You can't see here well in this picture, but Max
LOVES his aunt Jessie and was flirting with her

A typical Breyton face
She loved watching all the big kids on the playground.

We had the chance the chance to spend some time out on the
lake and we had a great time.

Boat driver Max

Jeremy and Emilee
Max in the lake with Daddy, he thought it was great!
They didn't want us to float away... so they tied us
to the boat!
Leigha in the lake with Daddy, she wasn't
as sure as Max was.
My dad with his kayak

Tyler "forgot" his trunks... and his tan!
My mom in her kayak
Max is at the wheel again...
Jeremy and Mitch in the paddle boat.
Emilee all whipped out from all the fun in the sun.

And of course summer wouldn't be complete without
lots of time spent in our pool(we are in it at least once a day)!

Emilee was working on her tan
My little ham
And my "big" ham!
Emilee love her first time in the pool!
We are having so much fun this summer!!! And
are really loving spending all the extra time with some family.

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