Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Water,Pools and A Fishing Pole

Yeah for sunshine and time

Here a some pictures of the kids enjoying
the sun.

Leigha heading to the sandbox
My little guy loves "Gunners Pool"

She was in a hurry for the "big pool" to get filled
and she thought if she held the hose it would
fill faster:)
And if she got in it too.

Max wanted to mix up the cookie dough
And thought scooping it out was way more
fun the mixing it.
First time fishing for the kids
Getting some direction from daddy.
He is quit the cute fisherman
"Look mom we can do this"!

My boys.
He can now ride his bike all by himself and we
don't have to push him on it anymore.
And she had to ride her bike in her tutu on this
particular day.

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