Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun In The Sun

Summer is finally here!!! And we have
been taking full advantage of it.
We have been spending more time outside then inside

the past couple weeks and it has been great!
With the goats at the zoo.
She loves swings
Max thought this was pretty darn neat!
I had to make him get out of it, or he would
have stayed in it the whole time at the park.
Caution: underage driver!

Not sure what he was thinking, but Leigha
was watching the kids in the distance.
Mom "there is a big truck over there!"
Running up the big hill at the Parkivew North Park
If you haven't been there, it is a must!
So much to do,so nice and lots of room!
She sat down and wanted her picture take!!
Goofy Girl!!

We hope you are all enjoying the nice weather and
loving the summer as much as we are!! :)

1 comment:

T and M said...

i went to the Pkvw park once & it was closed. any clue what the hours are?