Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Max is 2!

I can not get over the fact that this little guy,who
is not so little anymore!
He is such a blessing to our family and we are
so proud of the little man he
is becoming.

At two years old, Max is doing so much!
He can say his ABC's
Count to 10
Knows most of his colors
He knows all the animals and horsey's are is favorite
He is about %50 potty trained, still having some issues with going pee wee.
He has been sleeping in his big boy bed for about 5 months now
He is IN LOVE with his sister and I love that!
He loves to talk to anyone on the phone
His most favorite people are: daddy,sissy,
his baby cousin Emmey,aunt Jessie,
and his nanny and grandma.
HE loves my pony Polly.
Loves to be outside
His favorite toys are,cars,Thomas the Train,
his baby,and his "cell phone."
He sleeps with his Elmo and stuffed monkey every night
His favorite foods are cereal,oatmeal,waffles,
milk,water,anything chocolate,cucumbers,and
He is very into doing everything himself and being Mr.
He loves his doggie,Gunner.

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