Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Little Shoppers

Grocery shopping can really stink with two
toddlers. Well last week we
went to Kroger for the first time in a
very long time. And they didn't have toddler carts,
so I had to use a single seat cart, but....
they had these little kid sized "real" carts.
So Leigha got to push it through the store and
load her cart up with groceries, she had a blast.
(Sorry the pic is so blurry its on my phone)

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The Gress Family said...

We have been using the little kid carts lately too. I have been switching each week who gets to come with me and push the cart. The other stays home with daddy or goes with daddy to run errands. It is amazing how the little things make them feel SO special. It is super cute to see little kids pushing those carts. I am sure Leigha loved it.