Friday, March 4, 2011

Some New Pics

 We have had a very busy winter since
Christmas time. And that doesn't
even have to do with the fact that we have had 2
feet of snow since then!!Which
of course took Mitch away from the house
for very long periods of time.
We are so glad that winter
is on its way out and spring is on its way in!! :):)

Tyler,Max and Leigha
hanging out after breakfast with
some wonderful friends!!
Little Tyler is our friends Mark and Jamie's Little Guy.

Story Time with Leigha
He was so very proud of himself and
the fact that he pooped on the potty!
He is on his way to  being diaper free!
And that is something that I am very happy about!
Snuggling after bath time
He just wanted his picture taken!
Max needed to sit in my large tote
from Thirty One! He was texting and
emailing with his Jefferey(his stuffed giraffe).
No words... I wasn't home!
Movie and Popcorn on the living room floor
They were pretending to be napping in the
sun on the kitchen floor. They played there for
about an hour! And every couple minutes I heard giggles,
because one would open their eyes!

What we are all up to these days!!

Leigha is getting very tall and she now weighs 30lbs.
Leigha is now only taking about 2 naps a week:( which
makes for some very long days during the week. 
Leigha now can spell our last name,she
knows where we live,her whole name,Max's whole
name, Mitch and I's whole names. She knows where to go
if something would happened here at the house to mommy. 
She can dial 911 on our cell phones. Leigha
reads alot of book on her own now. She can now count
to 15 and is learning how to write letters and numbers.
She is enrolled in preschool starting in September and
she is very exciting about going to school.
Leigha's favorite foods lately are soups,
any kind is fine and long as it has
broth and veggies, she is happy. Salads,
cucumbers,pretzels and berries are also on
the list. Topping it off is anything vanilla for a 
sweet treat.

Max is growing like a weed and weighs 29 lbs and is
only about 3 inches shorter than Leigha. I have a feeling
that over the summer he will pass her in not only weight
but also in height. Max is doing really well on potty training 
and loves his Thomas the Train big boy undies! :)
He absolutely LOVES trains. We have a train track that runs
behind our house and every time he hears it
coming down the tracks, he stops what he is 
doing(even eating-which is doesn't give that up often) to 
go stand at the patio door to watch it. 
Max loves to sing and dance to anything, and reading is
still a favorite of his. He will read books for hours.
He really enjoys our tag jr. reading system. 
Coloring and drawing have become a well liked
activity of his.
He loves to watch on tv: Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse,
Thomas the Train and Chuggington.
Max is becoming more and more opinionated and independent
everyday. He now wants to pick out his own cloths,brush his
own teeth/hair and is about can get him self dressed
pretty good, pants are still an issue(he forgets there are 2 legs:).
His favorite food lately is chicken or anything chicken, all
kinds of berries are a hit and cream of wheat,waffles and oatmeal
are always a big hit. And his favorite sweet treat=chocolate,
a boy after his mommas heart.:)

Mitch is super busy at work lately as he had taken a new
position in the late fall. Mitch is now the 
Operations Manager and has brought him
a lot more responsibility and has become
more time consuming for him. His new job title has
kept him away from home more then his previous
title did. He is enjoying all the new things that have
come with his new title, but all of us have had
a little bit of a hard time adjusting to it. 
He is still loving running "daddy day care" 
while I am at work, the kids love it too! :)

I am still work only part time and am 
home full time with the kids. It has been wonderful
being able to be home with them. Its hard
to believe that I switched jobs over a year ago.
I am also working on my dreams of
writing a cookbook someday. I have
enjoyed my recipe blog and am
looking forward to whatever comes
in the future for me as
far as my recipe writing goes.

And last but not least Gunner.
Gunner is doing great as always, he
is going to be 5 in April!! 
He spends a lot of his time
either on his dog bed or in the middle
of whatever or where ever the kids are.
He loves to be with them, even when there in the bath.
I think if I would let him, he would get in the
tub with them. He loves those crazy kids.
He is a great dog and we all love him very much.

We are looking forward to a nice spring and
warm weather. The zoo,park and 
outside activities can't come soon enough!!
And vacation is only 14 weeks away... not that I
am counting or anything :)

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Erica and Nate said...

hey! cute pics. i especially like the one with max and his poop in the big boy potty!!! ha! btw, thanks for letting me know about the wrong blog...i did think it was strange that it never showed updates on my sidebar, haha!