Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I like most people these days, "dread" hearing
or watching the news on tv. It is so depressing,sad,
painful,scary, and eye opening. This morning,
I was watching Good Morning America and
these there were three stories that I just
can't seem to get out of my mind.

1. Charlie Sheen, a very sad situation and
the ones that are going to be hurt the most are
all those little kids. He has made some poor decisions
and he doesn't seem to care that he is not the
only one paying for them. It is truly sad to me.
I hope and pray that he realizes this before its to late for
him, because every child deserves a daddy.

2. Japan. National disaster at its worst.
There are no words to
describe what those people are
dealing with and going through.
Continued prayers for those people and
for all the troops and volunteers who
are helping in the relief efforts.

3. A story about 9 year old twin girls, who
want to be chefs. They do %90 of the cooking
for their family. And not only do they do all the
cooking its healthy. They eat things that most of
us wouldn't even dare!! :)
These girls have a true gift and a true
passion for cooking. They have the desire to
change the world one meal at a time, by
making healthy food choices a "cool"
thing to do.
Don't we all wish that we had that passion sometimes?
I know I do. Sometimes its so easy to sit back and watch...
Until you get a realization of what it could be or
of what could have been.
Now we all know how blessed we really are.
But do we ever take the time to really
think about it and realize it?
Good Morning America this morning has
left doing just that.

I am so very blessed.
I have the LORD that loves me,provides for me, and who
I live for every day.

I have a WONDERFUL,loving husband who adores me.
He supports me, even when he thinks I'm a dork.
He appreciates everything I do, even if it is something as
simple as buying his favorite kind of salad dressing.
He wakes up and goes to bed every night
with a smile on his face.
He walks in the door every night and
the first thing he does is give me and
the kids a kiss, and gives Gunner(the dog)
some attention to.
He knows when I have had
"one of those days" with the kids even
without me saying a word.
He LOVES his family beyond words.
He and his brother are BEST friends.
He loves my grandma as if he
has been in her life for 30 years.
He will do anything for anyone no matter what.
He works very hard to support our family.
He loves his job.
He will watch "girlie" tv shows
with me, just to be with me.
He lets me be dumb and a dork and he laughs
harder then I do sometimes.
He lets me work the hours I do,
so I can raise our kids and be at home with them.
He waits up for me the nights I work and
doesn't go to bed till I do at 11:30pm or later.
He lets me sleep when he gets up and ready for work in the mornings.
He always tells me good bye and he loves me, even if I don't wake up enough to hear.
He is a wonderful man,dad,husband,son,brother,brother in law,son in law,
grandson and friend. I am truly blessed to have him as my
husband. I LOVE YOU MITCH!

I Have two of the most wonderful children I could
ask for. They are the lights of my life.
They make me laugh daily.
They don't care if I declare all day pj day and
don't comb my hair.
They don't care if we eat cereal for lunch!
They love me unconditionally
Leigha gives the best hugs.
Leigha is a good big sister,she
loves Max and helping and teaching him.
Leigha is a drama queen, and that may be one
of my favorite things about her.
Max gives the best kisses.
He loves to snuggle and cuddle.
He loves fruit and so do I.
He is kind of mean(mom's of boys know what I mean)
He watches me get ready to go somewhere every
time I have to use the hair dryer and then when I'm done
he does his hair.
He is very independent but is a mommas boy.

I have a great pet, Gunner! He
is the best cold feet warmer around.
He makes me snuggle him in bed every morning, and
if I don't, the first opportunity he gets, he tries to jump on
my lap for some momma time. And I love it.
He lets the kids climb all over him and beat him up.
He loves to sleep in bed with me at night.
He loves veggies and fruit, and begs for them
when we are eating them.
He loves the spring and summer and hate the winter.
His favorite toys are stuffed animals.

I have great parents who have made me who I am
today. They have
raised 4 wonderful kids and have always provided for us.
Thanks mom and dad, I love you!

I have a wonderful grandma who is my
best friend. And I love her so much and
can't imagine my life with out her.

My best friends: Laurel,Nicole, Piper and Stacy.
are all wonderful women and I thank
you all so much for your love and support over the years.
And even though some of you life so far away, I love
that we still have what we have.
And Nicole, thank  you for everything.

I have a great mom and dad in law who
I love very much. They have raised two great men, and
love and support us all.

I have three wonderful brothers who I love with all my heart.
My twin brother Jeremy is such a wonderful brother,brother in law,
husband and daddy. He a stand up person and I am so proud of him
Thinking of my brother Josh brings tears to my eyes,
he has come so far to be the man he is today.
He is a blessing to all who know him
Tyler you have such a bright future and I wish
you all the luck in the world. We are
very proud of you. I love that I will always
be your big little sister.

I have a great brother in law and Jamie.
Jason is a great brother in law, I love him
and he is such a great person. He is always there for me.
Jamie is the sister I never had!! I love her as if she was my
sister, we have so much in common and we could spend hours
walking around target talking together. We don't
see each other as often as we like, but she is such a blessing to
have in my life.

My sister in laws are great!!
Jess-I love you!! You are a great mom and
thinking of you makes me smile, thank you!
Chelsea, thank you for always being there and
for not giving up on Josh. I love you, you
are a great mom and wife.

To all my nephews and my 1 niece.
I love you all! You are such blessings to our family.

I have a job,health insurance, a roof over my head,
a warm bed,a car to drive,food to eat,a wonderful family,
great friends, and so much more
to be thankful for. And sometimes it
takes a big disaster in the world, to
make us all think about what we really have how lucky
we really are.
I am very blessed and am so glad that I have
the life I have and live in the world I do.I am very lucky!
I pray for all the bad in the world.

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