Sunday, January 30, 2011

When You Bite A Dog

So lately Max in on this bitting streak. Ok so it wouldn't be so bad
if he was bitting the dog! And Gunner has been growling at
Max for the past week when Max is/has been bitting him.
Well last night Gunner had-had it with Max bitting him,
so Gunner bit Max back. Got the left side of his face.
And Max had a trip to the ER.
Everything checked out fine and he was given an antibiotic because
dog's mouths are so dirty and we don't want him to get
an infection. So other then a little blood,swelling, and
bruising all is well.
And the funniest part of our trip to the ER, when
the doc was looking in Max's mouth, she found...

Here are a few pics of Max's face, I hope he
has learned not to bite, especially the dog.

And Leigha needed her picture taken to!! :)

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