Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

Sitting with their treats the left santa,
he left the a note saying he really enjoyed them!
Max with his stocking
Leigha with her's
Her most favorite thing from santa...
Hello Kitty earrings, that was the
only thing she said she really "needed" from santa.
Max...aka...the slowest un-wrapper ever!!

Sitting in his new fleece jacket with
his new Thomas the Train set,
he loves that jacket. And when
he puts it on, he points to it and says"daddy" Mitch
has one just like it!
Max on Chrismas eve, hanging with the cousins.
Our nephew Wyatt on Christmas Eve
he is 1 and always smiling
Cookie making...
They did a really good job with the frosting

Our nephew Breyton on Christmas Eve, he
is the oldest of the cousins 6.

Aiden on Christmas Eve giving me the oh aunt mandy look!
He gives me that look anytime I have the camera, I
think its because he is a boy and he is 2!
Uncle Jeremy(my twin brother) was not
really helping the block party, HE STARTED IT!
The view of my living room when presents were being opened
on Christmas Eve. 5 kids under the age of 7= pure craziness.

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