Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a busey and wonderful christmas. This was
the first christmas that we weren't home on christmas morning.
We spent christmas eve night in Van Wert with Mitch's family. And had a big
christmas morning with his parents and brother and Jamie.
And we had our christmas with my family on saturday. We had a great
time with the kids. It was so fun playing santa and letting
Leigha leave her treats for Santa. We are so blessed
to have two wonderful kids who make everything better.
Leigha and cousin Aiden playing the drum.
And our new nephew Wyatt had to join in to!
Leigha and cousin Breyton playing the guitar, notice
Leigha using her feet and Breyton is using the guitar pic.
Breyton told me "only boys use the pics."
Leigha's favorite gift she got, her easel.
She needed her picture taken with it.
It was a hard job un-wrapping it.
Leigha got new boots! She was so excited!
Leigha helped me and Aunt Jamie hand out all the gifts.
Her soft moose from uncle Jason
Max really enjoyed, helping me open his presents.
Max got lots of trucks for christmas, he loves
pushing them around and making car noises.
So excited when she woke up and saw santa came.
My little man breaking into the gifts.
Sitting with all the loot from Santa.
Leigha had to leave ham and cheese and mnm's for Santa
daddy decided he needed the beer.

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