Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So life has been a little crazy for us this month. I went back to work on the 8th
for a few days a week. And Im loving it and hating it all at the same time.
We had a few family weekends and lots of time outside. Mitch is
very busy at work, but has been working from home, on my off
days, in order for him to spend more time with me and the kids.
Max is growing like a weed, he a doc appointment today and
he is 25inches long and weighs in at 14lbs and 8oz. He is smiling and
cooing all over the place, he is also getting ready to cut his
first tooth. He has been eating cereal,fruits and veggies. And loves
his Jonny Jump up.
Leigha, is all terrible twos!!(somebody pray for me) she is
little miss attitude, she tells us no, and even yells at us. She is
still working on the potty training and its going, ok. She is all
about Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Elmo, she is now offically out
of her crib and in a big girl bed. And she loves it, and so does Gunner, because he
sleeps with her every night. Leigha is a great big sister!
Gunner, well he is pretty much, just hanging out with kids, he loves them!

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