Sunday, February 22, 2009

And the name will be...

After much diliberation, we have finally come
up with a name for our little man to be.

Im currently 28 1/2 weeks pregnant, and everything
is going pretty well. At my last doc appt, the baby is still
measureing about 3 weeks bigger/ahead of me.
So I will be having another ultrasound done in about 4 weeks to start checking his size and
weight to get closer to a due date(i will be induced the last week of april or first week of may)
I have like at least 9 more weeks to go!


Stacy, Tony, Anna and Avary said...

Yeah!! I love Max!!! You look great. In the pictures of you in your scrubs, I couldn't even tell you had a belly. I miss my prego belly. Now I just have a belly with no excuse : )

chavarria family blog said...

no i was in sweats and a bummy shirt-they were self portraits. didn't want to put my face in them cuz i have a horrible cold. i love my prego belly-but will be glad when the little man is here to stay. im in teh home stretch and tired. with leigha and work and all, im tired. but the next 9 weeks or so will go buy way fast.