Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Leigha is up to

Well over the last month Leigha has developed and 
changed into more of a little kid. She now uses her fork at 
every meal and is so proud of herself when she pokes the food and gets it
in her mouth. Leigha can now drink out of a straw. Leigha is now helping
unload the dishwasher and helps feed Gunner. Leigha is no longer drinking
out of a bottle at all-she had been using one only at bedtime,
 she is now using a cup all day and at bedtime. 
We have changed Leigha's bedtime routine. Since she no longer uses a bottle at all,we give her about 4oz of milk in her cup with some dry cereal for a snack while sitting on daddys lap. And after snack we got to her bathroom and brush her teeth and then she tells everyone goodnight and walks to her bedroom.(Its so cute!) 
Leigha's biggest accomplishment though is the fact that she now tells us when she is wet or dirty and wants changed. She will go get us a diaper and ask to be changed if we don't get to her fast enough. So I have been reading up on potty training and when and how to do it. And we have decided to go ahead and get Leigha a potty and just go with the flow and follow what one of the books we have been reading says to do. So we will see how it works out. 
 Leigha is also talking in sentences now. She says about 3 of them and you can understand what she is saying. My favorite is when she calls
Mitch to the dinner table, she says "daddy its time to go,lets go." Its absolutley hilarious. Leigha is very much a social butterfly and talks and sings all the time.  

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