Monday, September 8, 2008

Im kind of a piglet!

Leigha eating her cherrios right
out of the cup.
Leigha stuffing her mouth full
of raisins.
So we were watching the Ohio State game
this past saturday and Leigha was getting
board, so I figured a good time for a snack.
Well that was untill Leigha took the canister
of rasins out of Mitch's hands and starting eating
them right out of the canister handful by handful, at one point
she had like 10 raisins in her mouth. She loves that red canister!!

1 comment:

wildhorse said...

Colt loves Raisins as well. Can eat them, and eat them, and eat them...
Try the fruit bits and also the yogurt covered raisins. She is getting way big!